Stories of Incomprehensible, Irresistible Jesus

Love begets love and produces a heart of gratitude and adoration
The stories in this book confirm there is security in Jesus and peace during life’s turmoil and storms. They tell of such an  incomprehensible love that truly Jesus becomes irresistible when you know Him and realize that love.
In this world of chaos, we are looking for security, that place free from fear, a place where we know we are loved unconditionally and will be cared for no matter what. I found that place in the incomprehensible, overflowing love and protection of Jesus the Savior.
May your heart be awakened to learn and understand more of Him and to experience Jesus for yourself. It was suggested that I not use the subtitle Incomprehensible, Irresistible Jesus.
I was told that if Jesus was irresistible everyone would be following and embracing Him. There is a truth to that, but I still disagree. When you realize all He has done and sacrificed for you, when you really know Jesus as a personal friend and experience Him in your life, He is irresistible! His love is incomprehensible beyond anything you have experienced or can imagine.

Indeed You, Lord, are kind and forgiving, overflowing with gracious love to everyone who calls on you. Psalm 86:5

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