Heaven Touches Earth

Heaven Touches Earth – Handbook for Supporting Sick and Terminally Ill – was written to provide you with the skills and tools necessary to bring solace and comfort in the Hospital and Hospice Ministry.

This concise “how to handbook” is a succinct resource of clear insight into hospital practices and protocols useful in training volunteers, parish visitors, pastors and chaplains and a helpful refresher guide for those that have studied hospital ministry.

Topics containing proper techniques and pertinent instruction include:

~Visitation Etiquette, ~Hospital Protocol, ~Warnings/Precautions, ~Patient Information, ~Pastoral Tools, ~Self care, ~Ministry to Different Populations, ~Roadblocks to Communication, ~Support of Dying and Bereaved, ~Healing and Deliverance Scriptures and Prayers


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Heaven Touches Earth - Companion

This compilation of healing and deliverance scriptures and prayers, taken from the book – Heaven Touches Earth – is a quick and easy resource for anyone ministering to hurting people.  There is power in God’s Word.

While we know that healing is not always cure, we know that God’s deepest desire is to bring healing to our hearts and be in right relationship with Him and with each other.  As we turn to scriptures appropriate for the need, we find that God speaks to us.  He offers us hope, courage, peace and direction.  He covers us with the  cleansing, purifying gift of forgiveness, while pouring out His grace to bring us comfort.

Derry’s prayer is that as you listen to the voice of the suffering, that you will walk forward prepared to make a difference, empowered by the very Word of God.

Note:  This book is the companion volume to Heaven Touches Earth.  It contains the last chapters of the book – the Healing and Deliverance Scriptures and Prayers only.


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Living - Volumes One and Two

"For all the promises of God in Him ARE yes, and in Him, Amen."

2 Corinthians 1:20


Volume One: Praying in the YES of God

The foundation for the deeper study of Volume Two. This Volume solidifies truths taught with living testimony.

God knows your name! Do you believe that? Do you believe there even is a God?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ knows who you are and is interested in your life? Do you believe that He is who He says He is, and can do what He says He can do?

When you pray? Does it sometimes feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling, or are falling on deaf ears? Are you angry with God because your prayers seem not to be answered? Have you given up asking God for things for yourself because you don’t want to be disappointed again; or you’re afraid that if God is silent you will begin to question His existence, and then you’ll have nothing to put your hope and trust in?

Praying the the YES of God will help you find those answer and give you the tools to face the unknown with the peace and confidence that God loves you! Learn how to live with triumphant faith, peace of mind, and enthusiastic testimony.

You can find the answer to these questions and concerns in this two volume set of Living.

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Volume Two: Growing in the YES of God

God knows your name! Do you wonder why it seems some people have answers to their prayers and unexplainable miracles in their life – and you don’t? Is there really any such thing as security and joy? What does love mean? What if you could find out the answers to these questions and more? You can.

Growing in the YES of God will help you find those answers and give you the tools to face the unknown with the peace and confidence that God loves you! This in depth Bible Study on principals of how to have a more effective prayer life, further growth in Jesus, and living out His character and plans for your life victoriously and blessed, will reassure you of God’s love.

Living Volume Two: Growing in the YES of God will help you find answers and give you tools to face the unknown with peace and confidence. It is best understood and most effective if preceded by Living Volume One: Praying in the YES of God.

Living Volume One: Praying in the YES of God sets the foundation for the deeper study of Living Volume Two: Growing in the YES of God, solidifying truths taught with living testimony.

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With Gladness Every Day

Be confident in your walk with God and increase your trust and hope in Him.

The stories in this book are answers to prayers and lessons from life experiences dependent on God's grace and mercy.

In this time of uncertainty and turmoil in our nation, are you mindful of the magnificence of God's love and countess ways He expresses it to you each day? If not, it's time to reconnect to God's presence and awaken your senses to His unconditional, all-encompassing love for you through stories highlighting His attributes.

Be inspired by these stories... and let them arouse in you a desire to become acquainted with this King of kings, or renew your desire to commit all to Him and sing His praises!!!


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With Kisses from Heaven


In these times of uncertainty God is attentive to you!
What if those little interventions and unexpected surprises in your life were actually not coincidental...they were acts of love? I have found they are not coincidental, but what I call, “Kisses from Heaven”—divine interventions.

In this two-section book you will read true stories referenced to scriptures and discover how attentive God is to everything that concerns us through these accounts of His interventions. Whether you have a personal relationship with Him or not, you will see God was there for you, even when you were unaware of it. These stories are sure to remind you of God’s interventions in your own life. May your increased understanding of Him bring you security and hope when the trials of life attempt to overwhelm you.

“Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed.” Psalm 85:10

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With Love Overflowing - Stories of Incomprehensible, Irresistible Jesus


Love begets love and produces a heart of gratitude and adoration

The stories in this book confirm there is security in Jesus and peace during life's turmoil and storms. They tell of such an an incomprehensible love that truly Jesus becomes irresistible when you know Him and realize that love. In this world of chaos, we are looking for security, that place free from fear, a place where we know we are loved unconditionally and will be cared for no matter what. I found that place in the incomprehensible, overflowing love and protection of Jesus the Savior.

May your heart be awakened to learn and understand more of Him and to experience Jesus for yourself. It was suggested that I not use the subtitle Incomprehensible, Irresistible Jesus.

I was told that if Jesus was irresistible everyone would be following and embracing Him. There is truth to that, but I still disagree. When you realize all He has done and sacrifice for you, when you really know Jesus as a person friend and experience Him in your life, He is irresistible! His love is incomprehensible beyond anything you have experienced or can imagine.

Indeed You, Lord, are kind and forgiving, overflowing with gracious love to everyone who calls on you. Psalm 86:5


Fill My Life, Lord 

What fills your mind, your heart, your home and your life depends upon what you all to fill your hands.

The stories in the Bible are not just stories to inspire and encourage you, but stories to build your relationship with God and change your life. What He has  done in the past He will do for you in the present. If you don't have a personal relationship with God, I invite you to fill your hands with this book and open your mind and heart to this teaching. The Lord is waiting and willing to fill your life and prove He know you and hears you.

When you take one step towards the Savior, He runs the rest of the way to meet you. May your life be transformed with the knowledge of Him and the fullness of His love.

Coming Spring 2023