There is Power In the Word of God

The Bible is an inspiring, encouraging, and reassuring resource when dealing with sickness and suffering. There is power in the Word of God. Albeit we don’t understand, God has a purpose in allowing sickness and suffering.

He cares for our needs and carries our burdens. Pain and suffering can lead us closer to God. He answers our “Prayer of Faith” according to His divine will. He will give sufficient grace for every trial.

With over 60 pages of Prayers, Ministry Helps and Scriptures,  Heaven Touches Earth Companion: Healing and Deliverance Scriptures and Prayers, the Companion Volume to Heaven Touches Earth: Handbook for Supporting Sick, Terminally Ill and Dying provides you with the resources you need to feel confident in serving your community through your hospital ministry.

Note:  This book is the companion volume to Heaven Touches Earth.  It contains the last chapters of the book – the Healing and Deliverance Scriptures and Prayers only.