Heaven Touches Earth

Listen for the voice of suffering… Walk forward prepared…
Make a difference.

When the unexpected arises and you find the one you care about hospitalized or homebound, are you equipped to support them effectively? Difficult situations can catch us off guard and unprepared. This concise “how to” guide is a succinct resource that will give you tools to help you proceed with confidence as you minister to the sick, suffering and dying. A Travel Companion Edition of associated healing and deliverance scriptures and prayers taken from this handbook is also available.

This is a must have book for your Hospital Ministry, Chaplains, Homebound Visitors, and Volunteers… anyone that serves the sick, terminally ill and dying.

Topics containing proper techniques and pertinent instruction include: ~Visitation Etiquette, ~Hospital Protocol, ~Warnings/Precautions, ~Patient Information, ~Pastoral Tools, ~Self care, ~Ministry to Different Populations, ~Roadblocks to Communication, ~Support of Dying and Bereaved, ~Healing and Deliverance Scriptures and Prayers

Heaven Touches Earth: Handbook for Supporting Sick, Terminally Ill and Dying