Praying in the “YES” of God

God knows your name!  Do you believe that? Do you believe there even is a God?  Well there is and He knows who you are, and is interested in your life! Do you believe He is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do?

When you pray, does it feel like no one is listening?  Maybe you’re angry at God because your prayers seem not to be answered?  Have you given up asking so that you aren’t disappointed because you just know that He won’t answer? Do you question His existence because He seems to quiet? What or who will you place your trust in if He’s really not listening?  Well… the good news is… you are NOT alone with these questions. Do you want answers to those questions?  Do you want to be able to face the unknown with the total and complete peace that GOD LOVES YOU!

In my latest book, Praying in the “YES” of God, you will find those answers and so much more.  Live with triumphant faith, peace of mind, and enthusiastic testimony.

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Remember this…  “For all of the promises of God in Him ARE yes, and in Him, Amen.”

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