Partaker of the Divine Nature

 “Through these He has given us great and precious promises,
so that through them you may participate in the divine nature,
having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”2 Peter 1:4

Please notice the word “promises” because it is one of the keywords of this verse. “Divine nature” are the other two keywords. Here we have a precious promise in this text that tells us that you and I today do not have to lead lives of failure. We do not have to lead lives of defeat or frustration. This text tells us that we may become partakers of the divine nature of God in our heart and in our life. This text not only tells you what you can have, but how you can have it.

According to our Bible, the way we can become partakers of the divine nature is through the promises of God’s word. There are over 7000 of them. Anyone can learn to know which promise is applicable, then claim it, and appropriate it in daily living. You can then have the entire power and resources of heaven at your disposal to help you live the kind of life the Christ wants you to live. That’s what Christianity is all about.

Live and Pray and Grow in the YES of God!