Growing in the YES of God

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Faith and Acceptance

“As God’s Holy Spirit brings to life the spiritual powers of your mind, you begin to see how evil and strong sin is. You feel the guilt and sorrow it brings, and you hate it. You feel that sin has separated you from God. Its power has made you a slave. The more you try to escape, the more you know that you cannot help yourself. You see that your life has been filled with selfishness and sin. Your heart is unclean and your desires are not pure. You want to be forgiven, to be clean, to be set free. But what can you do to be one with God and to be like Him?

You need peace—Heaven’s forgiveness and peace and love. Money cannot buy that peace. Study will not give it. The mind cannot find it. Being wise will not provide it. You can never hope to receive this peace by your own work and power.

God offers His peace to you as a gift. It will cost you nothing!—Isaiah 55:1. It is yours if you will reach out your hands and take it. The Lord says, You are stained red with sin, but I will wash you as clean as snow. Although your stains are deep red, you will be as white as wool.—Isaiah 1:18. I will give you a new heart and a new mind.—Ezekiel 36:26.

You have confessed your sins and chosen to put them out of your life. You have decided to give yourself to God. Now go to Him and ask Him to wash away your sins. Ask Him to give you a new heart, a new mind. Then believe that He does this, because He has promised. Jesus taught this lesson when He was on the earth. You must believe that you receive the gift God promises and that it is yours.” From Growing in the YES of God, pg. 53

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Unconfessed Sin is a Barrier

Unconfessed sin is a barrier between us and God. Confession should be specific and heartfelt. “True confession is always of a specific character, and acknowledges particular sins. They may be of such a nature as to be brought before God only; they may be wrongs that should be confessed to individuals who have suffered injury through them; or they may be of a public character, and should then be publicly confessed. But all confession should be definite and to the point, acknowledging the very sins of which you are guilty.” Recognition of our sin, repentance, confession, and requesting forgiveness, are sometimes not all that is needed. We can ask God to forgive us, but we must do so with a plan of restitution if it is needed. If we have stolen, God requires us to pay back with interest. If we have taken part in character assassination, we must do all we can to undo the wrong committed and attempt to restore the person to right relationship with others. Many prayers remain unanswered because of an unwillingness to bring resolution to past sins that God brings to our mind. Praying in the YES of God Pg 78

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Faith and Prayer

“Faith is trusting God—believing that He loves us and knows best what is for our good. Thus it leads us to choose His way instead of our own. In place of our ignorance, it accepts His wisdom; in place of our weakness, His strength; in place of our sinfulness, His righteousness. Our lives are already His; faith acknowledges His ownership and accepts its blessing. Truth, uprightness, purity, have been pointed out as secrets of life’s success. Faith puts us in possession of these principles.

Every good impulse or aspiration is the gift of God. Faith receives from God the life that alone can produce true growth and efficiency.

Make very plain how to exercise faith. To every promise of God there are conditions. If we are willing to do His will, all His strength is ours. Whatever gift He promises is in the promise itself. The seed is the word of God.—Luke 8:11. As surely as the oak is in the acorn, so surely is the gift of God in His promise. If we receive the promise, we have the gift.”  “Growing in the YES of God” – pg. 9

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The Privilege of Knowing God

We pray not to change God’s mind, but to know His mind. God commands us to pray. In our opening text our Savior says, Men ought always to pray, and not to faint. This is a command that offers us the privilege of knowing God. Many would be surprised if God actually answered their prayers. They don’t really expect Him to. Mechanical prayers don’t get much further than ‘out of our lips.’ It is prayer without hope. That is why the study of the divine science in the Prayer of Faith is so important. For our Christian growth and personal relationship with God, we need to know He hears us and cares about our future.

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